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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the questions that we frequently get asked but if you can't find the answer to a question that you have please don't hesitate to email us on at 

Do you own the properties?

No, we manage the advertising and the bookings. Each property is privately owned by caring owners. 


How do I book?

Head to the property page and click on ‘Check availability and book online’, then select your dates and you’ll be taken through our secure online bookings system.

I can’t select the dates that I want. Why not? 

Some of our properties change over on Saturdays, some Sundays and some Fridays or Thursdays. This is due to availability of the staff employed by the owners. Please call us or send an email and we’ll see if we can accommodate your dates. During peak times it’s unlikely, but out of season or during quieter periods we might be able to sort something out for you.

Do I have to pay a deposit when I book?

Yes, 25% of the booking fee. The remaining 75% balance is due 8 weeks before your arrival date.

How can I pay? 

We take credit cards and debit cards for our owner managed properties  or payment via bank transfer. 

Why do I have to pay £14 to pay you from a non-UK account? 

International bank transfers incur charges for us usually to a maximum of £14 but these are sometimes less than £14. If the fee is less than £14 then we will happily refund the difference.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

If it’s 6 weeks or more before arrival date –then you just lose your deposit

If it’s 4-6 weeks then you lose 50%

For 2-4 weeks you lose 75%

Less than 2 weeks I’m afraid that you lose the full 100% of the rental cost.            

We are more than happy to provide you with a letter proving booking costs etc for insurance purposes if you need to cancel.

What about damage deposits. Do you take them?

Yes. We have recently started to take these as guests felt uncomfortable handing over card details to in resort staff. For all bookings with Holiday in Alps the damage deposit take is £500. For owner managed properties this may be more (some are €1000) but this is stated in the terms and conditions for that property. This is usually invoiced to you 8 weeks before your arrival date, when you pay your final balance.   Unless there is any damaged caused during your stay, or the property is left in an unreasonable state, this damaged deposit will be returned to you within 7 days of your departure date, along with any fees that have been incurred in making the damage deposit payment (1.5% in the case of Stripe). Where there is a charge to this damage deposit, the owner's staff will usually provide you with photographic evidence. You must also have insurance to cover any damage to the property. This is a condition that you must agree to before placing your booking. Any damage must be reported to the ‘in resort’ staff when you’re checked out.

Day of arrival

Where do I collect the keys from?

You will be met at the property upon your arrival and given the keys, have the property explained to you and any questions answered that you might have about your holiday. 

How do I know where to go and who to call on the arrival day?

When you’ve paid your final balance you’ll be sent an email with an attachment that you can print off detailing the directions and instructions of exactly what to do on the day. This will include the phone number of the people ‘in resort’ that you will call when you are an hour away so that they can meet you at the property upon your arrival with the keys. They’ll also tell you everything that you need to know about the property, the area, and answer any questions that you might have about your holiday.

Can I get in before 5pm?

No. Sorry… The cleaning staff are extremely busy on changeover days so are not able to get properties turned around or be at other properties to check you in (taking them away from other properties that they’re still cleaning) before 5pm.

What if I’m delayed?

Please call the phone number on the instruction/directions of the person that is doing the check in to let them know.

During your stay

What happens if there’s a problem during my stay?

You will have the phone number of the ‘in resort’ staff member for that property both in the instructions/directions sent to you before your arrival and in your information pack inside the property. If it’s a problem with the property the ‘in resort’ staff may be able to solve the problem themselves. Where they can’t they have great contacts for reliable plumbers, electricians etc in the area so they will arrange for this to rectified. They will always accompany any workpeople into the property, remaining there throughout the visit, so there’s no need to be there and you can be sure that your belongings are safe. 

Any problems that occur with the property that cannot be satisfactorily resolved must be notified to Holiday in Alps during your stay. 

If the problem is not related to the property then the ‘in resort’ staff will do all they can to help but cannot be guaranteed to find a solution (for example hospitalisation issues or car rental problems).

What if I need other information during my stay?

Each property has an info pack in it, with recommendations for restaurants, taxis, maps etc but if you have any questions the properties ‘in resort’ staff will be able to help. If they can’t then please feel free to phone us here at Holiday in Alps during office hours. We’ll do all we can to answer your questions.

When I leave

What time do we have to leave?

10am at the latest please. If you are not ready to leave by 10am you will be charged for an additional fee.

Will someone be there to collect the keys?

Yes. The person who checked you in (the ‘in resort’ staff) will be there to check you out and to check that you’ve had a good stay and that the property is in a good condition. You will probably arrange your check out time with the staff when you arrive if you’re leaving earlier than 10am, but if you not then you can text them or call them to let them know during the week. You will have their phone number on your arrival directions/instructions.

Can we leave bags etc at the apartment to collect later?

I’m really sorry but we’re not able to offer this service. Resort staff simply don’t have the time. The changeover days are so busy!

What if I’ve damaged something?

Please tell the ‘in resort’ staff.  Staff will often have to find out the cost of any damaged item/s so you will be informed of the cost upon your return by Holiday in Alps. You will additionally be charged for the staff time taken to replace the item/s, and all charges will be deducted from your damage deposit.

You mention that a charge will be made to my damage deposit if the property is left in an unreasonable state. What condition do I have to leave the property in when I leave?

You must strip the beds, dispose of all rubbish and clean the kitchen including washing up. You must also the leave the property tidy. You will be charged where this isn’t the case.

When I get home

What happens if I realise that I’ve left something behind?

Contact us and we’ll do our best to retrieve it via the ‘in resort’ staff. Neither Holiday in Alps nor the ‘in resort’ staff can be held responsible where items cannot be found. The ‘in resort’ staff will happily post any item to you but you will be charged both for the cost of the postage and for the time to retrieve wrap and post the items.

Can I give you feedback?

Yes, we love feedback! We will email you a short questionnaire when you get home anyway but if you have anything else that you’ve like to say then please do. If you’ve booked via another website such as HolidayRentals or HolidayLettings etc then please feel free to leave feedback there too. We regularly use feedback on our website so it would be great if you give us permission for this as well. We can either attribute it to you, your family name, initials or ‘anon’ if you’d prefer.

Owner managed bookings

What is an owner managed booking? 

Some of our properties are available to book directly with the owner. For these properties, Holiday in Alps merely do the advertising of the property and usually deal with all the enquiries for these properties too, on behalf of the owner. These bookings are not the responsibility of Holday in Alps, although we do know the properties and their owners well. 

Who do I pay for an owner booking?

You will pay the owner directly via a bank transfer, unless another method is available, such as Stripe payment. You will pay 25% of the full amount at the time of booking and the 75% will be due 8 weeks before you arrival date, along with the damage deposit. 

What about damage deposits for owner managed properties?

This is added to the final balance and then reimbursed within 7 days of your departure, unless any damage has occured, or the property is left in an unreasonable state. 

Who is my contract with? Holiday in Alps or the owner?

Your contract will be between yourself and the owner directly.