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The Parc Thermal, St Gervais' spa, Le Fayet

By Sally Ann Voak, one of the country's top nutrition and health writers, for Holiday in Alps.

The Parc Thermal in Saint Gervais/Le Fayet is the perfect place for visitors to the area to relax, particularly after a challenging day on the pistes, or spent walking in the mountains.

“Les Thermes de Saint-Gervais” were discovered in 1806, and quickly became fashionable with alpinists. 

St Gervais is the only French ski resort to have a thermal spa within the ski area. The waters travel through the earth, exiting at 600m at a constant temperature of 32 degrees. These waters are rich in minerals and oligo-elements and have been found to be beneficial for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, and arthritis. A new project is to recycle the waters, so that they actually heat the building as well as the clients!

The atmosphere in the spa, housed in a beautiful building surrounded by 10 acres of parkland, is more like a health farm than a medical establishment. You can choose from a variety of pampering treatments – from facials to full body massage. Recommended: the Massage Sous Eau Thermal, which is a body massage performed under jets of the waters – very relaxing,and great for the skin, and the Soin Detente Visage, a facial whichincludes a mask and fingertip massage.

Clients are given a comfy dressing gown, and slippers to wear between treatments, and can spend time between treatments relaxing in a lounging area with sauna, herbal drinks and magazines. It’s all unisex ( although the pampering is carried out in private rooms),and the staff are delightful. So, indulge!

Journalist Gideon Reeves suffers from sciatica, following a lower back injury. Although only 30, he has to be careful about maintaining core muscle strength and taking regular exercise, including Pilates. He’s always been active, and is an experienced ski-er, but working at a computer takes its toll. At the spa, he enjoyed a full body massage, including feet, legs, brow, temples, and lower and upper back. “I then relaxed in the thermal bath, with jets of water directed on my body to stimulate circulation and soften the skin. I could feel my sciatica aches and pains being soothed away. “ he says. “It’s remarkably relaxing. I’ve been to health spas in the UK, and I think this is better. It is more structured, and based on sound medical principles. “


Anna McKittrick, from France Magazine, enjoyed a bath in ass’s milk which she felt a bit sceptical about beforehand, but found excellent.” It is the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever experienced, and my skin felt like silk afterwards. I’m coming here again – to the resort, and the spa. It’s superb.”

Tel 00 33 (0)4 50 47 54 57 for information and bookings.  

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